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Welcome to Sujalaam

Message from the MD

Hello and welcome to Sujalaam Skycity!

When we decided that we should actively herald in Bengal’s tomorrow, we realized we had to set an example that would act as a template for the State and, eventually, the Nation, to follow in the future. Sujalaam Skycity was conceived with this singular purpose.

Situated right at the Golden quadrilateral near Durgapur, Sujalaam is a spectacularly well-connected futuristic township, where industrial and commercial opportunities and cutting-edge residential convenience have been combined seamlessly. With magnificent infrastructure and a richly resourceful hinterland surrounding it, Sujalaam is the perfect cradle for growing and established industries. On the other hand, residential properties and plots to suit every budget and every need have been planned to ensure sustainable and state-of-the art living.

And, of course, at the heart of it all there is the Kaji Nazrul Islam Airport, facilitating both business and tourism.

I urge you to familarise yourself with the concept of the Skycity in the following pages. Of course, if you have queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

With best wishes,

Partha Ghosh

Vice-Chairman and Managing Director

Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd.

What is Sujalaam

Sujalaam Skycity, the first aerotropolis in India with the Nation’s original post-Independence Greenfield private airport, has everything a modern, efficient and well-planned urban settlement should have. Combining the ease and elegance of a futuristic metropolis, it strikes the perfect balance between a cutting-edge professional and a relaxed personal life.

Well-connected by rail, road and sky, Sujalaam Skycity is all set to function as a burgeoning business hub, while offering its denizens perfectly eco-friendly and comfortable residential areas.

Fly into the Future

Bengal has once again become a birthplace of ideas that are setting examples for the rest of the Nation to follow.

The future being envisioned by the West Bengal Government is that of an industrial reawakening, which will uphold Bengal as the harbinger of tomorrow’s India. BAPL resonates with this vision and Sujalaam Skycity is a true reflection of it.

Bustling with a lifestyle that smoothly blends the easygoing past, the thrills of the present and the excitement of the future, Sujalaam Skycity shall lead us to a new era of urbanism, where work and life, industry and nature, technology and education and health and entertainment will coexist and blend into each other.

This is where the Nation’s future will take off.

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