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    Bengal Aerotropolis, commonly referred to as BAPL, is a modern integrated city built for the future. More than a township, it’s a vision that was conceived in 2007 to redefine the way people live, work, play and fly – all from the same place.

    Fueled by the expertise and unhindered support of Changi Airports International Pte. Ltd., Singapore and the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited (WBIDC), BAPL stands tall as India’s first Airport City, built around the first-ever Greenfield Airport in India. Nestled in the vibrant Industrial region of Durgapur-Asansol, our strategic location adjacent to the KNI Airport, NH-19, and Andal Railway Station makes us the ultimate destination for industrial, logistics, institutional, commercial, residential, or any other type of venture that one can dream of. The project is poised to become the epicenter of West Bengal’s future growth.

    At BAPL, we’re not just constructing an Airport City, we’re shaping the destinies of the people who live, work, and fly from the project’s catchment region. Our commitment extends beyond just urban development as we champion economic prosperity and sustainable progress of the entire region, enriching the lives of the communities we serve.

    Welcome to the land of limitless opportunities… welcome to BAPL!

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    Our Lineage

    What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to excellence and over a decade of invaluable experience, which has enabled us to build a project that will not only endure the test of time but also contribute significantly to future developmental endeavors. Backed by esteemed organizations such as West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Limited (WBIDC) and Changi Airports India Pte Ltd—a subsidiary of Changi Airports International Pte Ltd. (CAI) Singapore, and other prominent Indian stakeholders including Lend Lease Company Ltd. and Citystar Infrastructure Ltd. we are leading the infrastructural metamorphosis of Bengal.

    Premium Locational Advantage

    Strategic location near highways, railways, and airports streamlines access for employees, customers, and resource transportation, optimizing efficiency.

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    Advantage Aerotropolis

    BAPL, a city within a city, 5 mins from DSTPS-DVC Thermal Power Plant, 10 mins from Durgapur City Center. 1978-acre Aerotropolis, South Bengal’s main hub.

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    The Next Big Urban Idea

    Aerotropolis, future’s most exciting urban concept. Cities grow from the airport, contrasting with 19th-century railway station-centric growth.

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    Modern Urban Planning

    BAPL’s modern framework is a scalable infrastructure base designed around contemporary urban planning standards, catalyzing Durgapur’s growth.

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    No Upper Limit On Land Parcels

    Freedom to purchase desired land parcels across industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors, tackling urban land scarcity, enabling business expansion.

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    Ownership With Clear-Title Lands

    Aerotropolis provides choice from vast clear-titled land, earmarked for Industrial and Logistics Park among 1978 acres, free from encumbrances.




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    Premium Locational Advantage

    A location next to all transportation modes like national highway, railways & airport. The proximity enhances access to employees and customers and ideal for timely access of resources and product evacuation.

    Advantage Aerotropolis

    This contemporary approach embodies a scalable infrastructure blueprint spanning multiple decades. BAPL has been meticulously crafted in adherence to the latest urban planning standards. Modern planning initiatives will catalyze the expansion of Durgapur, extending from its current boundaries toward this new focal point.

    Unlimited Land Parcel Possibilities

    Our approach allows individuals and entities to acquire land parcels without any upper limit. This empowers them to procure as much land as needed from the available parcels earmarked for various asset classes, including industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential purposes. Furthermore, it addresses the pressing issue of limited land availability for urban expansion, offering a paradigm shift by providing virtually limitless land opportunities for mid to large-sized businesses.

    Ownership of Clear-Titled Lands

    In the Aerotropolis, individuals are granted the liberty to select from an extensive area of land designated for a meticulously planned Industrial and Logistics Park, covering a total of 1978 acres. These lands come with clear titles, ensuring they are free from any encumbrances or mortgages.

    3D View of Master Plan